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Melkunie Cow Bingo! (COPY)
Melkunie Cow Bingo!
A social media campaign to re-introduce Melkunie.
Houthoff Buruma - The Big Interview
A rich media, tablet first website for one of dutch biggest law firms.
Microsoft - FrameRateFest!
An activation campaign for Microsoft, celebrating HTML5. The project was a FWA “site of the day” and won at the 16th annual Webby Awards.
Volkswagen - License To Liberty
An integrated campaign for Volkswagen, with a TV format, commercial and an online platform.
KPN VastMobiel in 1
A business-to-business campaign to introduce a new communication device from KPN.
HI - Monkey Murder Mystery
A 360 campaign and an interactive real-life game for Hi & LG Mobile, to create awareness and MMS traffic.
Rexona - My Biorhythm
An integrated campaign in 14 European countries for the introduction of a new deodorant, Rexona Biorhythm.
Ola IJstijd
An activation campaign for Ola, with an interactive website, a game and a commercial.
Art direction for a magazine, with posters that introduce the MO foundation.
A social media campaign to introduce the Arkefly’s Dreamliner airplane.
Philips Movember Activation
A social media campaign supporting Movember, to create awareness for Philips.
ANWB Explorers
A new youth brand for ANWB.
Gogo, flag campaign
An activation & TV format to position GOGO Tours as a cool and innovative brand.
Commercials & Virals
A selection of work, commercials and virals I have made.
Rexona Girl, we know what makes you sweat
An integrated campaign for the introduction of the new Rexona Girl deodorant.
Nuon Powerbattle
A 360 campaign to recruit technical staff for NUON, a major utility company.
HieperdePiep, Bak er elke dag een feestje van!
A TV format and an online game platform for Dr. Oetker.
Nivea - Kamerdansen.nl - bedroomdancing
A live TV format & activation campaign for Nivea Visage Young.
Calvé - BBQ Alarm
An activation campaign for Calve BBQ sauze.
TMF Awards
An overall concept and a theme for the TMF Awards 2007.
Branding of the new formed group Zirkus Zirkus
MTV - SubMonday
A theme, concept and viral to activate MTV Submonday, a new cult-movie night from MTV.
Nickelodeon - Fit met Nick
Concept & indent for Nickelodeon’s ‘Fit with Nick’ platform.
The Power of Motion Graphics!
A series of Free work made with some of Holland’s leading motion graphic artists.
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