Create an authentic engaging mobile first story that demonstrates the unique quality of the Galaxy S7's camera: perfect photos even in low light.

The Instagram account of Icelandic fisherman Rúnar Jónsson was nothing more than a collage of dark images, because his camera couldn't handle the poor light conditions in Iceland. We decided to use Rúnar’s Instagram account to launch the best smart phone camera ever in The Netherlands. We reunited Rúnar with his former life-saving deck-hand Radek and gifted him the new Samsung Galaxy S7, to capture Iceland’s stunning beauty and his friend, all in low light. 

With Instagram at its core, the campaign was aimed directly at mobile users interested in a good camera. The story transformed Rúnar’s Instagram account, fuelling an overwhelming response from followers and creating a clear product demonstration along the way. The campaign was viewed 45 million times within 3 weeks.
ADCN//Epica//ROI Festival Award//Esprix//SAN Accent//The Lovie Awards

Agency: Cheil | Production: Wefilm | Concept: Annemiek den Uil, Ton van Jole | Role, CD as digital creative I advised them for the rollout and strategy of the social campaign.
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