A platform that is in sync with your personal biorhythm, helping you to get the best out of every day. 
A dedicated website allows you to plan your days and provides you with suggestions to spend them well.
So for instance, it will tell you to avoid an exciting date on a day you are likely to be a bit down. Apart from that, the site includes Biorhythm Radio, a radio station that only plays music in tune with your personal biorhythm.In support of the platform, Dutch celebrities kept blogs focussing on their own biorhythm. 
Results: 1st commercial digital radio station in The Netherlands | Nomination Dutch Design Awards
Media: website, apps, banners, outdoor, print, digital radio.

Role: Concept & art direction Client: Rexona Agency: Draft Worldwide | Additional credits: teambuddy Robin Blitzblum (CD at Draft Worldwide) & Peter van Driel (designer)