Role: concept & art direction | Client: MTV

Goal: MTV wanted to turn monday evening into a special cult film night. To reach a larger audience, we were asked to come up with a theme, a concept and a viral to introduce this night.

Concept: From time to time, each of us feels the need to hide from the rest of the world, ‘sink’ into our sofa and just watch some TV. Especially after a day like monday that let us to the following theme: Submonday. Stay low and stay tuned for movies and madness. 
A theme that inspired us to start our campaign with the news that a Russian submarine was stranded in Dutch waters. In a ‘mockumentary’, members of the crew told viewers in their best English that ‘it’s better to stay low’
The Russian submarine was also the key element in Submonday’s timetable design. By diving deeper you could see more of the night’s schedule and the sub’s depth gauge showed you the time and title of the programmes.

Media: Viral, TV Idents & design, web, outdoor