Our brief was to get company owners to consider how 4G from KPN could be relevant for their business.

Most people know what 4G is. However, most people don’t know what it can do for their business. To tell this story in an inspiring way, we made a mini-documentary about Kees Koenders and his removal company Coulance – a family business since 1944.

Over the years, Kees has seen his business change rapidly – something he talks about with great passion. His insights bring the story of how to use 4G for business to life in a very logical way: times change – and so does business. 
Role: Art Director | Client: KPN | Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam | Additional credits: copy: Henk Nieuwenhuis, Jesse Ridder, Martijn de Vreeze, art: Darre van Dijk (CCO), Jurriaan van Bokhoven.