Role: art direction | Client: GoGo | Agency: TMF
Goal: To position GOGO Tours as a cool and innovative brand that gives young people (age 16-25) the best holiday for their ‘bucks’, in order to increase the number of bookings.
Insight: Young people usually go on holiday together and want to make sure that they get everything out of it. An important part of this is to show that you belong to a group. If you are Dutch this means claiming your ‘territory’ and letting the world know where you’re from.

Concept: To make it easier to claim your territory, GOGO offers you a personal flag with your booking. 
There are four flags to choose from and you can add your own message. The flag is the backbone of the campaign, the binding factor.  

TV Format
We came up with a GOGO sponsored TV format to bring the concept to life. The show was called ‘Wakker Worden op Vakantie’ (‘Waking up on Holiday’) and broadcasted on the popular Dutch music station TMF. GOGO and TMF also organised 12 special parties on holiday locations to emphasize the feeling of belonging to a group.
Results: A substantial growth in the number of bookings. 
The number of flags requested was far 5 times above target