In the Netherlands, 1.2 million children cycle to school every day. Children under the age of 14 make up 20% of the traffic victims. This is mainly due to the children’s lack of experience with road traffic. Understandably, this is one of parent’s greatest fears. Samsung asked us to develop an idea demonstrating how Samsung’s mobile technology can make a difference.

‘Beat the Street’ is a first-of-its-kind VR mobile game, teaching young children how to navigate traffic in an engaging way. The app is set in an environment where they are confronted with a range of dangerous, true-to-life situations in which they have to make choices and take action – for example, look carefully, cross the street or wait until it is safe to do so. The children receive live feedback from the motion sensors in the Gear VR, confronting them with the consequences of their actions in a playful way.

The VR app
In the app players feel they’re genuinely experiencing the events, creating a real memory from which they can learn.

The Beat the Street kit has become a permanent feature in schools and is the new standard in traffic safety training in Dutch schools. The programme will also be launched in Belgium in October 2017. With a media spend of €10,000 Beat the Street reached 4.5 million people with a PR Value of €600,000.

2016 European Excellence Awards  //  2017 Dutch VR Awards  //  2017 Lovie Awards
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Launch of the event
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Role: concept & creative direction | Client: Samsung | Agency: Cheil | Additional credits: concept & copy: Huib Maaskant